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Association Visitor Team:

Association Visitors and how they can help:

The branch has a team of 6 professionally trained and supervised Association Visitors. After diagnosis most neurologists give information about the local support available from the MND Association. With permission, an informal referral is made to the AV co-ordinator. An AV will then make contact and arrange either a visit or a follow up phone call. The timing of this is very much arranged to suit the wishes of the person involved. Talking with their AV and knowing that there is someone at the end of the phone often helps relieve the feeling of desperate isolation which can overwhelm people when they have just found out that they have MND.

An AV will let you know how the MND Association can be helpful, when and where meetings are held, how to apply forMND visitors 10.17 001 benefits and how to access specialised equipment. The branch is able to provide equipment which is not available or not available quickly enough from statutory services. A riser-recliner chair for instance can usually be made available very quickly but is always done in conjunction with the Occupational Therapist. Similarly the provision of a communication aid which may be accessed from an MND Association supply held nationally will be made at the request of the Speech & Language Therapist.

Many years ago our very first AV said she wanted to help people keep one step ahead. Care and equipment needs sometimes change very rapidly. The AV can help anticipate this in such a way that whatever is needed is provided in a timely way. They can also help by acting as an advocate and will make requests for specific funding to the branch committee which meets each month.

The AV Team

Angela Burgess, Sandy Barrett, Pattie Shaw, Anne Coleman, Pru Tearall and Sue Reeves

Becoming an Association Visitor

Are you a good listener? Caring? Practical? Would you be interested in joining our AV team? Excellent award winning professional training given. Ongoing support and update days provided. Out of pocket expenses reimbursed. For more information or to find out more visit the MND Association website or contact Sandy Barrett on 07711 987671